Bloggingheads interview

The New York Times kindly posted a clip of my interview with psychologist Jesse Bering. Not so kindly, they don’t allow me to embed.

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In an effort to give back some of what I received at TEDGlobal, I’ve acquired the license to organize and curate TEDxArctic on March 19, 2011.

The theme will be “Higher Learning” — in the broadest sense — because Canada’s northern territories are waking up to the fact that they’re suffering from the lack of a university. What a truly Northern university might look like is a question we’re starting to address.

Meanwhile the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation — the real diplomatic heroes in this effort — have put out this nifty map, plotting all the many universities in the Arctic, with a glaring absence over Canada’s vast Northern expanse. I’ve always loved circumpolar maps, anyway. Gives one a different perspective:    The Northern Gap (1)

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Demystifying Amazon

Came across a neat site that translates the strange Amazon ranking system into sales numbers. Normally, it’s some weird combination of sales and the freshness of those sales. It’ll track The Siesta and the Midnight Sun and use an algorithm to decode its climbing and falling through the book hierarchy. Here are the results.

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My talk at TED Global

Just one week in Oxford, and I’ve swallowed the TED Kool-Aid. Thirsty for more.

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It’s on Amazon, and therefore officially exists

Cover art

Now available for Pre-Order here.

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